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What are trouble hands in Poker

We have spoken to many people over the years about many issues within online poker and one of the most recurring questions I encounter are what are trouble hands within games of poker?

I will attempt within this article to explain basically what these hands are and what effect they have on the player during any given game. Trouble hands in their simplest form are hands that can cost the player large amounts of money if they are not folded and are played with. Some players will argue that these types of hands provide a much better return if played correctly but with this fact comes an extremely elevated amount of risk that if I am honest is not really worth taking at all.

The basic outlook of a trouble hand is a hand that seems like it could be an extremely good hand once you are first dealt it but over the period of the game ends up losing its value due to the additional cards that are set out in front of you on the table. There are three type of troublesome hands that can be dealt to the player from the start of the game and in this article I will endeavor to list these for you with a small explanation of why these should be considered trouble hands.

Some of these hands should be considered unplayable by many players but especially if you are a newbie who does not fully understand the pre flop tactics that are encompassed within the game of poker. The first of these trouble hands that I would like to discuss are probably the most common of the lot and are a pair of jacks. Holding a pair of jacks from the start may seem like a dream come true to many players but if you are a newbie player to poker it would be extremely advisable to fold when you are holding these hands for reasons I will tell you now.

Holding pocket jacks from the start can lead players in to a false sense of security as they believe they must have an extremely good chance of winning the hand so they bet big believing that they will win the hand if things go right. Unfortunately this is not true as there are many cards that will beat a par of jacks and unless the flop reveals another jack you could quite easily end up with nothing. The second trouble hands I will tell you about are when players are holding a king and a ten. Players may feel that they have two high cards which will surely set them onto a winning hand but again this is not the case.

Poker Players who hold these cards again tend to bet high pre flop and then when the flop cards come out unless they are the same as they are holding they can end up with nothing by the end of the game. You may feel that with these cards you have a great chance of hitting a straight but this is very unlikely in online poker and these cards should be burned forthwith. The final set of trouble cards I will discuss are the ace and the ten which again you may feel are very good starting cards but appearances are very deceiving as these can be the most dangerous cards for a player to bet on pre flop. For the same reasons as the king and ten players must not place large bets on these cards as unless their cards come in on the flop they can again lose large amounts of money hoping for the luck of a life time.