Discussing European Casino Rules

Typically playing casino’s online with well known gaming providers such as Micro gaming, has its own generic casino rules within Europe.

For the new casino gamer, learning how to follow the Cash Wallet rules, as well as sometimes confusing Casino Bonus rules, is not as easy as one might think. There are unique special offers for Free Sign UP money, of which is very similar to a credit note, or Credit of tokens. Following the rules for these offers, is actually quite complex as it often relates to a working Spend amount. For example, you may need to wager £1000 of the working credit, which is actually a lot harder that people think.

The other rules within Europe, relate to money laundering protection measures, as well as safe gambling. Both of these rules vary from casino provider to casino operator, however they do have very similar basic principles. This is mainly due to the respective authorities such as Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Clinic Help and the International Association Of Gaming Regulators.

Accessing gaming websites on mobile devices has increased in popularity over the past five years or so, in line with the development of handsets and tablet devices. The rules are almost identical regarding using casino’s on a mobile device as they are for desktop and laptop users. It is worth mentioning that some mobile phones do have limitations with regard some games, most especially in relation to rotating the screen etc. The ongoing investments by casino and gaming providers in general, will undoubtedly result in 100% compatibility for all types of mobile device in the not too distant future.


The Digital age, has allowed new technologies to evolve, such as 3D Gaming, Live Gaming and Mobile Gaming, most of these are available on Accredited websites like The Sony Playstation games portal as well as recommended mobile game resources such as theChomp Mobile slots games website as well as the Sapphire Rooms mobile gaming resource.

Mobile Phone companies such as Vodafone, Samsung, Sony and Apple have already ensured that a large percent of their mobile devices and mobile firm ware, are compatible with websites and mobile applications. There are however lesser known brand name manufacturers who are still behind in this area, Blackberry were clearly one of the organisations who didn’t evolve in line with their  immediate competitors.

The various European Mobile Phone Operators are currently increasing the speed of access for their customers, with many already offering 3G and in some cases 4G in certain areas. These areas from a UK point of view are limited to Cities and other major access routes.


So whether you are looking to play casino games in Europe or anywhere in the world, the Technology and Regulations are the only limitation for end users to consider.  Mobile development and new technology implementation within the gaming industry is forecasted to  double in size between 2014 – 2015, so be ready for a new era of both Casino and Gaming Evolution.

European-mapThis resource was updated on the 19th June 2015