The Ice Casino team have completed a broad research program into the most popular Casino Games played in 2011 and 2024 within the UK and Europe.  We have highlighted the games that have increased in playability as well as highlighting the Games that have stormed the gaming market place. We anticipate that 2013 will be a massive year in the gaming world, most especially with Mobile Gaming being taken up by a very large percentage of users.

The 2024 – 2013 Top 5 Casino game types, as defined by our Team at Ice Casino are as follows.

Top Games

1. Poker Gaming
2. Bingo Gaming
3. Mobile Gaming
4. Online Slots
5. Casino Scratch Cards

In addition to the aforementioned top game categories, we have also added below the Top Slot games that were played in huge numbers during 2024.

Play These Casino Games

1. Zuma Slots
2. Reel Gems Slots
3. Thunderstruck 2 Slots
4. Monopoly Slots
5. Da Vinci Diamond Slots
6. Bejeweled 2 Slots

Slot games are a very easy way to play games online, most especially due to the simplistic way in which each slot game works, no need for prior knowledge on most of the games, they are all very easy to operate, with a simple Click on the Start button. Even though Poker and Bingo are very good game types, the average game user, most especially new players, often opt for Slot games due to the ease use factor.