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Three bet poker

The way modern day poker is setup you will find it increasingly difficult t be sat at any given poker table and not re-raised by your opponent before you get to the flop, this is one change that has seen the game of poker become a much more aggressive game throughout the world. As a whole there are a lot of players who still fail to understand the reasons that this happens and just find themselves three betting as they have heard it is a popular poker tactic that many additional players use.

Many of these players when they decide to three bet find that they have chosen a route which has a much too wide range of betting or on the other hand has often a too tight range of betting. If we look at these facts logically we can decide that both of these extremes can be exploited if the player understands the complete workings of them. If we take a further look at three bets as a whole then we can see that there are only two ways which a player can essentially use these to their advantage in games of poker with the first being a value three bet and the other a light three bet.

The value three bet is probably the more traditional method that players use and should be attempted when a player feels they have the best hand on the table and use this to lure players into placing more bets into the pot whilst they have the advantage. The main ingredient for success when using these hands is to ensure that you are aware of and can bet against your opponents range as this will give you an extremely good advantage. If you find yourself playing against a generally tight player who could be classed as aggressive then your opening three bet could comprise of you holding something along the lines of pairs of aces, jacks or kings.

On the other hand if you find yourself playing against a player who you may consider a loose but aggressive player then you would have to switch to the tactic o playing an ace, ace, nine and nine or a king, ace, ace and queen. One of the most discouraging factors of playing games like this is that if you become too predictable then your opponent could switch to playing a tight range which would hamper your chances in the long run of the game.

This is especially true if you tend to play against the same opponents on a regular basis as it will not be long until they read your game and are able to counter attack your tactics. The second type of three bet I will discuss is the light three bet which is available when you decide to reraise an opponent in the pre flop when you are holding a hand that should be considered not the best you could have. This type of three bet is essentially a type of bluff which has the basic function of helping you win the pot immediately if you are able to make your opponent fold.

The best kind of player that this type of tactic works on is a player who could be considered a light better who is extremely loose when it comes to the opening raise of a game. After a while of playing any given opponent you will be able to read when they raise light so you can then find yourself reraising them light as you have read that they will end up folding the hand before the river card. When you can force an opponent into this type of move you will then have the advantage of winning the hand without ever having to wait to see what the flop is.

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