Bingo News – Worldwide revival of bingo

Over the past few years we have seen that the game of bingo has seen a major revival from the days when it was beginning to be thought of as a boring and unpopular game. The game itself now has seen great amounts of redevelopment in recent years with many all new ways to play the game and the increase in prizes and so forth which has been great for the industry as a whole.

If we concentrate on the trade that takes place in the United Kingdom each year we are looking at around a one billion pound industry that now services over five million returning customers each year. This figure was correct at the end of 2011 and is set to increase dramatically over the next five years making this one of the largest growing industries in the world today.

Overall our national game has become big business, companies who run these games have invested a large amount of funds in advertising the game around the world with exclusive marketing campaigns and so on. The highest point in the industry came in and around the late seventies as this is when it was the most popular pass time activity in the country but unfortunately in the years following we saw a decline in the market for bingo related games.

The main pull of the bingo industry as a whole during this highest period was that it was a cheap and effective way for people to come together at their local bingo club to socialize and of course had the added bonus of offering them the chance to win prizes and money for their households. What we have seen in the downfall of the game in the years following the boom was that bingo was stereotyped to be a game for old age pensioners and the older generation. With this feeling circulating around the country there was a much smaller increase in numbers of new players who could have participated in the game so this of course had a knock on effect in the coming years. The good news is that now technology and the game itself has changed such as the increase in the value of prizes and cash values it has once again started to appeal to many variations of gamers.

Gone are the days when the game was dominated by the older generations and now we can see a huge influx of new players who are younger than thirty five. Bingo has also been publicized by the marketing companies who run the advertisements for these services as much more cool and snazzy which again has taken away the stigma that it is not cool to play bingo. These companies have now moved on to using many different means of advertising to make the public aware of their product such as extensive television campaigns, email campaigns and radio advertisement campaigns.

These campaigns have proved to deliver a whole new range of customer to the industry as it is perceived to be much more glamorous than in previous years.  People in the modern era and the new generation of these customers are much more technologically advanced than ever before and there is no longer a need for players to actually visit their local bingo clubs at all. All players can now enjoy their favourite game in a whole array of methods such as using the internet on many of the thousands of websites offering the service or using the latest technological breakthrough which of course is the mobile bingo service via smart phone applications. All in all the future of bingo is looking stronger than ever before and long may it continue.