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Playing cards history.

Many players around the world who apply themselves to online gambling within casinos do not wish to understand the origins of their games let alone the origins of the tools that make these games possible. With this in mind I have written this article to show you about the history behind one of the most important tools for any poker or card game player and these are of course the playing cards. Within this article you will find a short and sweet history of where these cards actually originated from and how they came to be involved in many different types of gambling activity.

Many of the worlds leading experts have stated that the playing card was first introduced in China sometime during the ninth century where they were used as a children’s playing tool for games and so on but were soon used by both children and adults alike. This is how cards were used for many years until eventually they were transported abroad by many of the worlds silk merchants who frequently traveled to India and other exotic locations.

There were again accounts of cards being created in Egypt around the same time where they were used within one of the regimes most famous periods being the Mamluk Sultans. This period is where the number of cards and suits originated with them being fifty two cards divided into four suits of thirteen and this is how they have stayed ever since. The earliest recorded reference to playing cards in Europe was when they were seen in Spain back in thirteen seventy one and from there they progressed to all the major countries across the continent.

The history of the playing card has stated that in the early days of this brilliant invention that all of the cards were hand made by the person who wished to use them but as time moved on they were eventually moved into the mass production market due to their popularity. In the early days the suits of these cards were not set in any specific way and it was not until the fifteenth century that they were in fact changed to what we see and love today. It was in France during the fifteenth century that the suits of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds came into existence and these choices were further endorsed by the British as it gave universality to the cards.

The next large change to the way we see cards today did not come until the seventeenth century when finally indices were added to the top corners of the cards which was designed to allow the player to see what cards they were holding without having to use two hands to spread them out making it much easier for the player. The last significant change to the long running cards was in the eighteenth century where the court cards were made reversible and the figures were then made full length across the cards. This made it easier for players to hold their cards without having to receive them upside down and risk other players seeing their cards whilst they were rearranging their cards into the correct position.

This article has just detailed the basic history of playing cards from their incorporation into the gaming world until the present day and I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have writing it.