Poker Card Game Hands

There are over 2.5 Million types of Poker hands available within a typical game of poker.

Straight flush – This is when a card hand holds five typical cards in a set sequence.

Four of a kind – This relates to holding four cards of one type.

Full house – This is when a poker player holds three matching poker cards of one type and two matching poker cards of another type.

Flush – When a player holds all five poker cards that are the same suit, these do not have to be in order.

Straight – This is when a poker player holds five cards of a similar type, this can be in a similar type.

Three of a kind – Three cards of the same suit, along with a variation of remaining cards.

Two pair – This is when a poker player holds 2 cards of the same type, as well as two other cards of another matched type.

One pair – This relates to a poker player holds two cards of the same type / suit.

There are many other types of Poker, often the rules vary from game to game, one example of a more popular poker game is Texas Hold em.

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