The Bingo Game Types vary with the actual bingo game provided, however the team at Ice Casino have compiled a simple Bingo game guide to assist new players that are entering the Bingo games world.

Typical Bingo Game types have been listed below, these are considered the most played.

1. 90 Ball Bingo Games

2. 80 Ball Bingo Games

3. 75 Ball Bingo Games

There are also many bingo game types from Deal or No Deal to Lucky numbers and Marrakesh to name but a few, all these bingo games are slightly different. In addition they also offer a wide variety of Cash Prizes as well as Physical product prizes and vouchers. We anticipate the types of Bingo game prizes that will be available to win during 2024 – 2013 will evolve into a wider selection, such as Cars, Holidays, Money for Life and larger cash prizes.

In addition developing into other market places, most especially through TV and Celebrity channels, such as Win a day with well known Singers, Footballers and TV Personalities.

Bingo Game Conclusion

One thing is for sure, Bingo is becoming a very popular game, especially online, due to its variety of Prizes as well as the ease of use, in fact it is much easier than a typical Bingo Hall, as you cant miss your numbers on your Bingo Card when you play online.

Additional resource for Popular Casino types can be located in our online resources.