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In the mobile casino world there are now more vendors offering the service than ever before and this has had a huge effect on the industry as a whole with thousands of new gamers joining the ranks each day across the world. If you have ever visited any of these mobile casinos you would have seen that there are now more games available to gamers than ever before and each of these games has an advantage over the next. With this in mind we have decided to list below some of the most popular and played mobile casino games so you have the best information on what’s hot and what’s not.

The first of these mobile games and arguably the most popular is the game of poker; this wonderful card game is now played by millions of people all around the world and gamers cannot help but find it to be one of the best sources of entertainment out there. The second game on our list is of course one of the worlds most popular games which of course is bingo. Bingo has fast become the game of choice for more gamers than ever before and with it now being available at mobile casinos this has again added a huge number of players to its ranks.

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This wonderful game is no longer only played by the older generations as it has now become just as popular with all ages across the board. The third game on our list is the ultimate game of chance which of course is roulette which has been a true fan favourite for as long as I can remember. Roulette allows gamers to choose any of the numbers on the board to place bets on in the hope that the ball will land on their winning numbers or spots and is a great source of excitement. The next game on our list is one of the best and most historic games on offer which is none other than craps. This brilliant game now has more players than ever before and has won countless awards for providing the very best entertainment of any game in the industry. If you would like to view some other types of mobile games, we highly recommend the Android Games on Google Play, the official website for the mobile applications from Google.

What ever type of mobile device you use these days, there is a wide variety of mobile apps and mobile games available to you, from typical arcade based games to puzzle games and many more. We have found various resources specific for mobile phone types, the most popular is the Apple Iphone 5 App Store, offering an excellent selection of the most played and highly rated games and applications within the Apple Network.

Next on our list is none other than the worlds most popular amusement based game which has been providing gamers with an excellent level of entertainment for over a century. This game of course is slots games which there are now a huge number of options available to you for and with the huge variety on offer these games are now one of the leading runners in the industry. Another great game which has seen a great rise in popularity is sudoku as for the first time ever it is now available in a mobile entity. This game has a huge number of followers who play the game each day and the game itself is now drawing in more and more new gamers each day as it is great value and fun for all. One of the worlds most popular and played card games are next on our list which of course is the exciting game of blackjack. There are other types of mobile games for almost every type of mobile phone and tablet user to buy from, such as the recently launched EA Sports Mobile Games website, which is packed with alternative mobile applications and games.

This exceptional card game has been entertaining gamers for countless years and now continues to bring in more gamers each day than any other game in the industry. Solitaire is another great game which has seen many new people joining the mobile gaming ranks to play due to its high entertainment value and ease of play.

The final game on our list which we feel you should do your best to take advantage of is the all new video poker game. This game has become one of the world’s most popular new games in the industry with many gamers feeling it is easier to pick up and play than other games of this type. There are great prizes that can be won playing this game as well as the chance to win the progressive jackpots which are a very popular bonus for gamers. As you can see there are some great games on offer to you at mobile casinos and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg so we hope this gives you a small indication on what is on offer to you within the mobile gaming world.