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Online Poker is one of the most played games around the world today and has seen a great increase in popularity of the past few years due to the emergence of the online poker service as well as the mobile poker service. Although these services have been great for the industry there has been a large increase in players setting up and competing in their own home based poker games.

Poker Players should always ensure that they always keep their cards in view of all players as when cards are taken out of view this can cause extreme disputes as other players may feel that you could have cheated them.

Bets should be placed in a clear and concise fashion and chips should be placed in a tidy stack as to keep the general tidiness of the table. It is thought of as disrespectful if a player throws their chips on to the table as it could disturb other player’s chips and confuse bets.

When playing poker at a casino it is also polite to not over chat at the table as this can have the effect of breaking other player’s concentration and players should ensure they do not drink too much alcohol and become disrupted.

With this in mind I would like to discuss all of the essential equipment that is available for all those persons to host successful games in their homes. The first and probably the most important piece of equipment for playing games of poker are of course playing cards. These cards are available from many different suppliers such as Copag, WPT, Aviator, Bicycle, Dal Negro, Kem, Maverick, Mohawk, PGC and Torpedo among others.

These poker cards are also available with in many variations such as large index and small index as well as there being a brail version for those players with sight difficulties. The next piece of equipment that I would like to talk about is the poker table which has itself seen a great increase in popularity in recent years. These tables are available in many shapes and sizes and can be made from oak, pine, high quality plastic or steel and generally are laced with durable green felt surfaces.

These tables can vary in size but most of them attempt to sit up to eight players and can vary in price from anything from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. If these tables are not an option for the user then there are alternative options available such as the poker table top or the poker surface cloth. These two items allow the player to set up games of poker using their existing tables and simply lay on top of them to provide an excellent playing surface for players.

In addition to these items one of the most important products players will need is any of the various types of poker chips that are available to them. These chips come in various shapes and sizes and are made from variations of materials such as high quality plastic and baked clay depending on which you prefer.

These chips also come in various denominations from one to a thousand and can be purchased in small one hundred chip sets all the way to more luxurious thousand chip sets. For those wishing to invest that little bit more in their games there are also heavy duty poker chip cases available in various sizes. These cases can be made from various types of wood to plastic to the most common type of case which is aluminium and generally have a felt interior as to stop any damage to your chips in transit. Drop boxes are also a great addition to home poker games as they provide a place for all used poker cards to be placed safely so they can not be tampered with or misused and stop a large amount of confusion at the table.

Another great product players may find to their advantage is the use of chip spacers which help the player keep the correct amount of space between their chips and keep various denominations separate from their counterparts. For those wishing to invest that little bit more in their poker games the facility of an automatic card shuffler is a great idea as this can eliminate any dispute on the shuffling of cards. These shufflers are fairly high priced and hold anything from two to eight packs of cards but for this price you will definitely see the benefit of using one.

A Poker dealers puck as a puck as also a great tool to buy for your home games and are very inexpensive to buy but will help you keep a firm hold of where the dealer should be for the next game. The final item I would like you to know about is more of a novelty than a requirement but with that in mind can make you feel that little bit more professional. This of course is the use of a players head visor and these are available in many various colours and sizes.