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European Casino Rules

Discussing European Casino Rules

Typically playing casino’s online with well known gaming providers such as Micro gaming, has its own generic casino rules within Europe.

For the new casino gamer, learning how to follow the Cash Wallet rules, as well as sometimes confusing Casino Bonus rules, is not as easy as one might think. There are unique special offers for Free Sign UP money, of which is very similar to a credit note, or Credit of tokens. Following the rules for these offers, is actually quite complex as it often relates to a working Spend amount. For example, you may need to wager £1000 of the working credit, which is actually a lot harder that people think.

The other rules within Europe, relate to money laundering protection measures, as well as safe gambling. Both of these rules vary from casino provider to casino operator, however they do have very similar basic principles. This is mainly due to the respective authorities such as Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Clinic Help and the International Association Of Gaming Regulators.

Accessing gaming websites on mobile devices has increased in popularity over the past five years or so, in line with the development of handsets and tablet devices. The rules are almost identical regarding using casino’s on a mobile device as they are for desktop and laptop users. It is worth mentioning that some mobile phones do have limitations with regard some games, most especially in relation to rotating the screen etc. The ongoing investments by casino and gaming providers in general, will undoubtedly result in 100% compatibility for all types of mobile device in the not too distant future.


The Digital age, has allowed new technologies to evolve, such as 3D Gaming, Live Gaming and Mobile Gaming, most of these are available on Accredited websites like The Sony Playstation games portal as well as recommended mobile game resources such as theChomp Mobile slots games website as well as the Sapphire Rooms mobile gaming resource.

Mobile Phone companies such as Vodafone, Samsung, Sony and Apple have already ensured that a large percent of their mobile devices and mobile firm ware, are compatible with websites and mobile applications. There are however lesser known brand name manufacturers who are still behind in this area, Blackberry were clearly one of the organisations who didn’t evolve in line with their  immediate competitors.

The various European Mobile Phone Operators are currently increasing the speed of access for their customers, with many already offering 3G and in some cases 4G in certain areas. These areas from a UK point of view are limited to Cities and other major access routes.


So whether you are looking to play casino games in Europe or anywhere in the world, the Technology and Regulations are the only limitation for end users to consider.  Mobile development and new technology implementation within the gaming industry is forecasted to  double in size between 2014 – 2015, so be ready for a new era of both Casino and Gaming Evolution.

European-mapThis resource was updated on the 19th June 2015

Belgium Gaming Laws

Reviewing the Belgium Casino Laws

The laws regarding operating a Casino on the Internet are changing frequently all over the world, with  most casino houses awaiting a change in the Law In the USA. With this in mind we thought it would be beneficial to review the laws concerning operating a online casino in Belgium. For any organization looking to develop a casino in Belgium, they must first develop a partnership agreement with a Physical Casino based in Belgium itself. Some companies over the past few years have been fined, by the Belgium authorities for ignoring this basic element of doing business online with Belgium customers.

There has been an increase in interest from a large array of casino owners, to develop an online presence in Belgium, which is fantastic for the Belgium economy as a whole, as there is a basic level of taxation, of which the people of Belgium benefit from. As other countries are looking to develop new taxation polices over the next few years, with the UK being one of them in 2014, we believe this will develop a trend for countries, so as to attain additional tax income for the respective governments and of course the citizens indirectly. Information on the actual regulators around the world can be reviewed for free on the Gaming Regulators around the World website resources.

One Casino house in Belgium that has gained an approved and legitimate license with the relevant authorities is Jackpot Party Casino a well known and established casino games provider, that has been in operation in various other countries around the world. As well as gaining the appropriate license to serve the Belgium consumers, they also appear to offer one of the largest selection of games online. If other gaming providers are looking to develop a similar online presence, we highly recommend they review the Resource for Investing In Belgium.

There are several legal constraints that have to be upheld by any casino that offers online gaming, these vary from Jackpot limits to the aforementioned licensing requirement, this type of policy has been defined over the past three to four years by the Belgium government.

Additional resources can be located on the Federal Public Service In Belgium website, that has a large selection of information to assist Business owners.


Mobile Games News

The Latest Mobile Games News

In the mobile casino world there are now more vendors offering the service than ever before and this has had a huge effect on the industry as a whole with thousands of new gamers joining the ranks each day across the world. If you have ever visited any of these mobile casinos you would have seen that there are now more games available to gamers than ever before and each of these games has an advantage over the next. With this in mind we have decided to list below some of the most popular and played mobile casino games so you have the best information on what’s hot and what’s not.

The first of these mobile games and arguably the most popular is the game of poker; this wonderful card game is now played by millions of people all around the world and gamers cannot help but find it to be one of the best sources of entertainment out there. The second game on our list is of course one of the worlds most popular games which of course is bingo. Bingo has fast become the game of choice for more gamers than ever before and with it now being available at mobile casinos this has again added a huge number of players to its ranks.

Iphone Games

This wonderful game is no longer only played by the older generations as it has now become just as popular with all ages across the board. The third game on our list is the ultimate game of chance which of course is roulette which has been a true fan favourite for as long as I can remember. Roulette allows gamers to choose any of the numbers on the board to place bets on in the hope that the ball will land on their winning numbers or spots and is a great source of excitement. The next game on our list is one of the best and most historic games on offer which is none other than craps. This brilliant game now has more players than ever before and has won countless awards for providing the very best entertainment of any game in the industry. If you would like to view some other types of mobile games, we highly recommend the Android Games on Google Play, the official website for the mobile applications from Google.

What ever type of mobile device you use these days, there is a wide variety of mobile apps and mobile games available to you, from typical arcade based games to puzzle games and many more. We have found various resources specific for mobile phone types, the most popular is the Apple Iphone 5 App Store, offering an excellent selection of the most played and highly rated games and applications within the Apple Network.

Next on our list is none other than the worlds most popular amusement based game which has been providing gamers with an excellent level of entertainment for over a century. This game of course is slots games which there are now a huge number of options available to you for and with the huge variety on offer these games are now one of the leading runners in the industry. Another great game which has seen a great rise in popularity is sudoku as for the first time ever it is now available in a mobile entity. This game has a huge number of followers who play the game each day and the game itself is now drawing in more and more new gamers each day as it is great value and fun for all. One of the worlds most popular and played card games are next on our list which of course is the exciting game of blackjack. There are other types of mobile games for almost every type of mobile phone and tablet user to buy from, such as the recently launched EA Sports Mobile Games website, which is packed with alternative mobile applications and games.

This exceptional card game has been entertaining gamers for countless years and now continues to bring in more gamers each day than any other game in the industry. Solitaire is another great game which has seen many new people joining the mobile gaming ranks to play due to its high entertainment value and ease of play.

The final game on our list which we feel you should do your best to take advantage of is the all new video poker game. This game has become one of the world’s most popular new games in the industry with many gamers feeling it is easier to pick up and play than other games of this type. There are great prizes that can be won playing this game as well as the chance to win the progressive jackpots which are a very popular bonus for gamers. As you can see there are some great games on offer to you at mobile casinos and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg so we hope this gives you a small indication on what is on offer to you within the mobile gaming world.

2012 Award Winners

The team at Ice Casino have awarded The Casino Of The Year Award to Virgin Games Services Ltd.

The Casino Award is given once a year to an Online Casino that offers Incredible Customer Service and Innovative Technology developments to online gamers. The team at Ice Casino review online Consumer Reviews as well as Testing an array of available Casino based games throughout the year, before choosing a worthy winner. The constraints we look at are listed below the award picture below. The date of this award was certified by the Ice Casino team on the 6th December 2024, the next Award will be issued in December 2013.

The 2024 Casino of the Year Award has been awarded to Virgin Games –

The wide selection of Casino games on offer added to the value of the Award for Virgin Games, we have added some very useful Ice Casino page links below:

The Ice Casino team use the following constraints for selecting a winner for the Casino Awards.

1. The Speed of the Casino itself.

2. The General Usage.

3. The Quality of Graphics used.

4. The Help and Support on Offer.

5. The User Experience.

6. The Download procedures, if applicable.

7. The amount of variety of offer.

8. The Navigation Methods.

9. Browser Compatibility.

10. Mobile Phone Active.

View Mixcloud details here

Roulette Games

Roulette Games

Players must allow time for the other bets such as all red or black are collected before they take their own winnings as this eliminates the chance of confusion.

Once the dealer has indicated no more bets it is not allowed for players to touch or move their chips or indeed add more chips to the table until the dealer gives you the signal.

When there are no more bets allowed on the table the dealer will place a dolly which to the unsure is a small plastic marker on the table and no more bets will be accepted.

Players are restricted from using any type of telecommunication devices at the gaming table when they are involved in any way with the game.

The player will generally have to leave all large items away from the table such as bags and so on and should only have chips, drinks and money in front of them whilst playing. Roulette Games are becoming more popular in 2024, with new users enjoying the game and prizes associated with Roulette. Some Roulette players enjoy the Risk of Red or Black as well as the Simplistic way in which anyone can Play, Win and of course Lose.



German Providers

We are reviewing the finest German Casino’s.

Why play at online casinos?

The casino has always played a key part in peoples entertainment for hundreds of years and for many is one of the most exciting experiences they can achieve in their every day lives. The games that German casinos offer are some of the most popular available in any market and consistently draw in millions of customers each year for many reasons.

Many people are attracted to the bright lights and so on as we can see by the success of Las Vegas which is the biggest provider of casino services in the world today with over a hundred casinos at the location. There are so many attractions to why people go to casinos and all of these are the reason why they are so successful as they always offer the best games, extremely pleasant staff, top quality food and drink, sporting attractions and of course not forgetting the most important factor of being able to win money. With all these features in mind you may wonder why many people in the modern day are being drawn to using the online casino facility when of course they will lose many of these features as they simply are not possible. Germany is an up and coming Country within the Casino Industry along with the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

The answer to this question is there are many other services and attractions that entice people to join these revolutionary gaming platforms and I will talk you through the main ones right now. The first attraction that people find is that unlike the physical casino where players would need to be dressed up smart to enter playing online does not require any of this preparation and the customer can play their favoured games from the comfort of their own homes.

This option has opened the door for many different types of clientele as it allows many people who could never get to the usual casino the chance to join in the fun. Another key advantage of the online casino is that the vendors generally offer many more promotions than the traditional casinos and at much more frequent intervals. You will find many of these online casinos offer bonus incentives to new and existing customers such as deposit bonuses or game tally bonuses which offer the player more free bonuses than any physical casino.

Players should always be aware though when accepting any type of bonus to read the full terms and conditions that come along with it so you understand the stipulations within them. The next advantage and arguably one of the most important is the fact that online casino vendors tend to offer the customer a much increased jackpot total than any other type of establishment. This fact is due to the amount of players who are involved within the same game as these can be spread over hundreds of locations which allows the casino to generate increased revenue from a single game to which they then pass it down to you by offering bigger prizes.

A good example of this is to take a look at the progressive jackpot which many casinos offer their customers. A progressive jackpot is basically a jackpot that keeps increasing in value with each game and can reach extraordinary amounts with the biggest ever being recorded at just over one million pounds. Players can win this when the system has taken a set amount of revenue and once it has done this it will then drop to a lucky player who is playing at that time. The final benefit of playing on online casinos is the fact that you will find many more games available than at any traditional casino such as hundreds of slot games, variations of poker games and roulette games as well as many more offering the customer much more in the way of choice. These are the main reasons why I feel people are now more than ever frequenting the online casinos from Germany.


We here at Ice Casino believe gaming can provide the best source of entertainment so we have been actively reviewing the latest games and casino as to give you a broader idea of the great games out there.

You will find within our gaming sections an extensive array of reviews and interviews from the leading casinos out there as well as current and past customers who hope to enlighten you on what to expect in your gaming sessions.

We also offer you the latest news on bonus promotions that are being run by the vast majority of casinos within the industry to enable you to get more for your money.

We hope you find our website informative and interesting and also that it hopes you to have a much better experience whilst gaming online.

Other Game resources of interest are:

Google Play – The Direct Website address is

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Both of the above game resources are highly recommend by our games team as well as the Casino Slots pages.


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Money Offers

Getting more for your money is always a great benefit when it comes to playing your favourite games online so taking full advantage of the numerous money offers and bonuses available is paramount.

Here at Ice Casino we aim to try and provide you with all the information possible of all the latest deals and promotions being offered by the top casinos in the industry.

We actively review all of the main players each and every day to ensure our information is the most up to date it could possibly be so you get more for enjoyment for your money.

Many of the top casinos provide bonus that can range from £50 to £500 depending on your deposit as well as many other type of promotion which can make your gaming adventures that little bit easier on your pocket.

We hope you find this section interesting and informative. Finding great Casino and Bingo Promotions online can take a lot of time and effort, the team at Ice Casino hope to make this as easy as possible for our readers, with easy to use data sheets, offering the very lastest offers and popular casino games.

In addition to the typical promotions and other game special deals, we aim to offer an upto date News Feed for our readers to follow, from UK Casino’s to Popular Casino types, we will ensure we cover as many Country wide offers as is possible.

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